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H.Y. Group is one of the leading groups in Israel for importing, marketing, planning and execution in the field of electric appliances, lighting and electronics for B2B and B2C segments.
The company has a seniority of over 30 years. The company employs over 400 employees and among the many leading brands that H.Y. Group represents are: LG, HISENSE, LUXTRINIK, GRECHI, GORENJE, SANDISK, VIZULO, SEAGATE and more.

H.Y. Smart solutions is a subsidiary company of H.Y. Group, which was established to provide its customers smart advanced lighting solutions that contribute to energy and electricity savings.

The company provides a full solution for various projects in the field of LED lighting.
 These solutions enable a transition to a green environment and cost effeciency by a significant energy savings up to 80% of electricity costs of lighting in the organization.

We offer our customers a variety of payment options, including B.O.T projects, payment out of electricity cost savings.

We provide our customers a full support and a complete solution from the project planning and energy efficiency phase until  integration, installation, maintenance and service phase for outdoor lighting, street lighting and interior lighting.
We employ the best professionals in the fields of:
- Lighting Design
- Project Operation
- Regulations and Integration
- Service and Warranty
H.Y. Smart Solutions works under the highest standards, the company has ISO9001-2008, also for the Ministry of Defense.

Our company services provides total solution in  LED lighting for customers in the
business/ private sector and public sector: malls, hospitals, police, army, hotels, schools, municipalities,  industrial parks, logistics centers, parking lots , roads and highways, street lights, sea ports, airports and more.

H.Y. Smart Solutions represents the world's leading brands such as: LG, Luxtronik, VIZULO, GRECHI, CGD, Glitter and more.

H.Y. Smart Solutions has vowed  to lead the Israeli market with  various lighting solutions in the field of LED lighting , both public and private sectors and continue to represent the world's leading brands while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, quality and service without compromising.

Among our leading projects:  Israel shipyards, Haifa port, Route 6, municipality of Ariel, The Hebrew University, H & O, McDonald's and more.


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